In 2012, at the Annual General Meeting in Mayapur, the GBC body passed a law requiring all ISKCON centers to receive a “certificate of readiness” before procuring, and installing deities or commencing worship of any deities.


This page outlines the application process as well as providing an online application and supporting documents.


The application process is as follows:


  1. Read ISKCON Law on Installing Deities
  2. Read the Installation and Worship Guidelines
  3. Complete and submit the Online Application Form


After submitting the application form, you will be emailed a Confirmation of Application from the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry within 1 week.


An ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry representative will then contact you and/or your local GBC to schedule a call or meeting to discuss the details of the deity installation requested.


An ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry representative will likely visit the center to ensure everything is in order for deities to be procured and installation to be scheduled and performed.


If you have any questions please contact us here.

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