The new comprehensive ISKCON Deity worship manual is soon to be released



Also very soon I shall send you one complete set of instructions on worshiping the Deity and you can print in English and distribute. This book shall be named “Method of Worship”.
Srila Prabhupada letter to Satsvarupa – Bombay 13 March, 1971




The ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry will soon launch “Method of Worship,” the new edition of ISKCON’s deity worship manual. This upcoming publication is a major revision of Pañcarātra-Pradīpa, (commonly called ‘Orange Book’) originally released nearly 20 years ago.



The new edition will feature:


  • 2 volume set with approximately 700 pages total
  • The first volume, Explanation of Worship, includes extensive updates including detailed information regarding the 64 items of worship, how to prepare them, and how to offer them.
  • The second volume, Arcanā-paddhati, has been expanded to include step-by-step procedures for worshiping Gaura-Nitai, Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra, Radha-Krsna and Salagrama.
  • 2 color printing on the inside pages
  • Comb binding for easy reference when performing worship
  • eBook version will also be available in the Kindle and Apple iBooks stores