ISKCON GBC Resolution on installation of new Deities



306. Regulation of Deity Installations


Whereas at the 2002 AGM, the GBC passed the following resolution:


609. Regulation of Deity Installations in ISKCON


Whereas, there are currently deities that are being neglected or not worshiped properly;

Whereas, according to Srila Prabhupada’s instructions a minimum standard of worship for deities in ISKCON should be maintained;

Whereas, deities are being installed without sufficient consideration of their on-going worship;

Whereas, there are several upcoming installations that are of aquestionable nature;


[ISKCON LAW] Resolved, That ISKCON centers shall consult with and take guidance from the Deity Worship Ministry before installing or beginning worship of any deities.


Whereas this measure has not proven to be effective;


Whereas according to Srila Prabhupada’s instructions, a minimum standard of worship for Deities in ISKCON must be maintained;


Whereas in almost 150 letters, Srila Prabhupada gave instructions about installing Deities, and in 43 of these letters, he either instructed the devotees not to install Deities or cautioned them;


Whereas it is unacceptable that ISKCON centers install Deities without sufficientpreparedness or understanding of the worship process and the reasons for installing Deities which increases the burden on ISKCON and its members, as well as risking offenses at the lotus feet of the Deities;


Whereas there are many long-established centers with Deities that are being neglected or improperly worshiped, yet new Deity installations are occurring in proximity to these existing centers;


And whereas the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry has the capacity to assess the ability of an ISKCON center to worship Deities:




That the above ISKCON law is amended to read as follows:


Any ISKCON center wishing to install any Deities for public temple worship or commence the worship of any Deity in an ISKCON center must first receive a “Certificate of Readiness for Worship” for the said Deities.


Centers may not make any commitments or agreements regarding procuring and/or worshiping Deities until the “Certificate of Readiness for Worship” is granted. This “Certificate of Readiness for Worship” applies only to the Deities for which it is granted and is not a generic permanent approval.


The readiness for worship will be assessed by a panel consisting of one local representative (either from the temple concerned, the local GBC or a representative from the National Council or RGB, etc.), a GBC appointed by the EC, and an ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry representative.


This law shall fully go into effect no later than Gaura Purnima 2012.


Any center that has already finalized plans for installation and publicly advertised the installation must consult the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry, which will assist them in preparing for the worship of the Deities.


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